DCDS Piloting and Evaluation Report

The Project’s Pilot has been carried out in order to evaluate the adequacy, reliability and quality of the tools developed within the project as well as to provide recommendations for further improvement. The following main outputs have been tested and evaluated by external experts, as well as trainers, trainees, and project partners who organized the piloting process in their countries:

  • DCDM, the Digital Competences Development Methodology, that supports the development of digital competences and related transversal competences of adults
  • DCDE, the Digital Competences Development Environment, an online platform in six languages (English, Spanish, Italian, Latvian, Romanian and Greek) that implements DCDM by offering a collection of tools and services.

The Pilot also allowed to evaluate the impact of DCDS approach for beneficiaries by analysing their digital skills confidence (through self-reflection surveys) before and after the Pilot.

The DCDS Piloting and Evaluation Report (available in English) consists of 6 chapters and 30 annexes:

  • Chapter I. Pilot summary
  • Chapter II. Phase 1: Train the Trainers
  • Chapter III. Phase 2: Beneficiaries’ pilot in 5 countries – PREPARATION
  • Chapter IV. Beneficiaries’ pilot in 5 countries - ORGANIZATION AND RESULTS
  • Chapter V. Evaluation of the pilot
  • Chapter VI. General conclusions and recommendations