DCDS Trainer Handbook

The Trainer Handbook has been initially developed in order to provide to the trainers involved in the DCDS pilots in the five partner countries (Greece, Italy, Latvia, Romania, Spain) a general introduction to the DCDS project and some of its methodological features and a presentation of:

  • the self-assessment test that learners are expected to take before starting the courses
  • the training offer designed by the project
  • the learning materials produced for the learners
  • the blended learning approach and support tools, including those for formative and summative assessment and the approach to competence validation

The Handbook provides additional materials as Annexes to this document or as related documents, created to facilitate trainers in understanding the structure and using the content of the DCDE platform (where several of these materials are fragmented at the level of Learning Units, the basic element of DCDS training architecture) and to organise their activity.

In particular, given their size, the following Annexes are made available as separate documents: 4 Key Concepts (the full document); 6 Exercises; 7 Summative tests and 8 Teacher tips.