DCDS Project

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In today’s society everyone needs to have a wide set of skills, knowledge and competences, including a sufficient level of digital competence, in order to play an active part in society, to access and progress in the labour market, and to engage in further education and training in a lifelong learning perspective. Around a quarter of the European adult population struggles with reading and writing and has poor numeracy and digital skills. Adults who do not possess a sufficient level of such skills face a high risk of social exclusion.

Noticias y Eventos

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agosto 21, 2019

DCDS pilots demonstrate increase of trainee’s digital skills and self-confidence

During the two-year period of project implementation, there have been several important milestones. After the development of DCDS Methodology and online learning platform, the next important […]
agosto 5, 2019

DCDS in the “Mapping DigComp and EntreComp use by labour market intermediaries” study of the Joint Research Centre

The European Digital Competence Framework for all citizens (DigComp), which inspired DCDS and on which the project’s training offer is based, is used mostly in the […]

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