Centro Studi Foligno

mayo 10, 2018

DCDS focus group with key stakeholders in Italy

On the 11th of April AECA and Associazione Centro Studi di Foligno organized the focus group for national stakeholders and policymakers. The event took place in […]
julio 27, 2018

Designing the system to develop digital competences of adults with low digital skills

On 17-18 July representatives of eight DCDS partner organisations gathered in Athens for the project meeting, which was hosted by Hellenic Open University. The main points […]
diciembre 4, 2018

DCDS Context Analysis Report is now available online

What is the profile of those EU citizens who are at risk of digital exclusion and what are the key motivation drivers for them to enroll in […]
marzo 2, 2019

The first multiplier event in Foligno, Italy

Associazione Centro Studi Città di Foligno (CSF) organised the first multiplier event on 15 February, which attracted both local network representatives and potential participants of the […]
junio 2, 2019

Piloting course of DCDS project in Italy

The piloting course of DCDS project in Italy at Associazione Centro Studi Città di Foligno lasted two months and it has been a great experience for […]
junio 28, 2019

Digital literacy and active ageing: the DCDS experience in Foligno, Italy

The launch of the Silver Economy Strategy by the European Commission and the statistics  on the estimation of the European population age by 2060, makes today […]
diciembre 5, 2019

DCDS Peer Review in Rome

Centro Studi Foligno (CSF) organized the peer review event on the Policy Recommendations in Rome hosted by Fondazione Mondo Digitale. The event was attended by six experts in […]
diciembre 28, 2019

Digipass Foligno welcomes DCDS results

The second multiplier event of the DCDS project was organized by Associazione Centro Studi Città di Foligno on the 19th of December 2019 at the Digipass […]