Fundación Esplai

mayo 18, 2018

DCDS Focus Group with Key Stakeholders in Spain

On April 16th and 18th, the DCDS project partner Fundación Esplai organized the first two focus group sessions for national stakeholders and policy makers. The event […]
diciembre 17, 2018

Second peer review of DCDS in Spain

On 29 November 2018, the second peer review of the DCDS project took place in Spain organised by project partner Fundación Esplai. The experts discussed and reviewed […]
febrero 19, 2019

3rd Project Meeting in Barcelona

On January 23rd – 25th members of DCDS project’s partner organisations met in Barcelona in order to attend the 3rd Project Meeting, as well as a […]
febrero 25, 2019

DCDS trainers are trained and ready for pilots

The main objective of the Train the Trainers session, organised in Barcelona on 24-25 January 2019, was to provide the trainers with guidelines they can follow […]
septiembre 1, 2019

DCDS multiplier event in Madrid

On 31 May and 1 June, Fundación Esplai organized a multiplier event and a peer review, respectively. Both events were framed in the Fundación Esplai Forum, […]
septiembre 18, 2019

The Spanish pilot has successfully concluded

The Spanish DCDS pilot, organized by Fundación Esplai in collaboration with AUPEX, has successfully concluded. During a total of two months, the training reached 31 people […]
diciembre 13, 2019

Fundación Esplai presents the new DCDS platform at the Digital Skills Congress in Barcelona

On 4 December 2019, Fundación Esplai participated in the first Digital Skills Congress organized by the Digital Policies and Public Administration Department of the Generalitat de […]